Friday, 30 March 2012


IMPORTANT - Ensure you read the articles which appear on the following links (Click the article titles). The one titled "Environmental Legislation Changes in Nigeria: What Impact on Foreign Investment?" is useful for the development of environmental legislation in Nigeria (i.e. up to when the Federal Environmental Protection Act [FEPA] was passed into law). The second one titled "The International Comparative Legal Guide to Environment Law 2007", makes interesting general reading.

Warning: Both materials are years old and do not always reflect the current state of legislation in Nigeria.


Ayodele Morocco-Clarke

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


As discussed in the last class, find below a few recommended texts for use in this course. The will be updated as and if necessary.

(1)   Okorodudu-Fubara, M.T., Law of Environmental Protection: Materials and Text 
(2)   Fagbohun, O.,  The Law of Oil Pollution and Environmental Restoration: A Comparative Review
(3)  Ignatius Adeh, Corruption and Environmental Law: The Case of the Niger Delta 
(4)   Lawrence Asekome Atsegbua, Vincent Akpotaire, Folarin Dimowo, Environmental Law in Nigeria: Theory and Practice

Ayodele Morocco-Clarke

Sunday, 11 March 2012


The following is the Course Outline to be covered in the Harmattan Semester 2011/2012.

  • The Concept of Environment

  • Nature of Environment Problem

  • Brief History on the Development of Environmental Law in Nigeria

  • [History of] Environmental Pollution –
(a)   Domestic & Industrial Waste
(b)   Oil Industry 
(c)   General Pollution
(d)   The Koko Incident
(e)   E-Waste
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Statutory Environmental Liability –
(a)    The Constitution
(b)   The FEPA Act
(c)    The NESREA Act
(d)   The NOSDRA Act
(e)    EIA Act (Involves discussing Gbarain)
(f)    The Petroleum Act
(g)   EGASPIN & other Regulations

  • Common Law Environmental Liability –
(a)    Nuisance
(b)   Negligence
(c)    Trespass
(d) Strict Liability

  • The Concept of Environmental Justice

  • Issues of Enforcement, Compliance & Effectiveness of the Law

  • Case Law

  • International Environmental Law –
(a) Definition, Sources, Origins, Enforceability
(b) Rights and Duties: Custom
(c) Rights and Duties: Treaties/Conventions (Stockholm Conference on Human Environment/UNCLOS/Kyoto/the Aarhus Convention etc.)
(d) Current International Trends in Environmental Law

  • Principles of Environmental Law –
(a)    The Polluter Pays Principle
(b)   The Precautionary Principle

  • Sustainable Development
See you all in class on Tuesday 13/03/2012.

Ayodele Morocco-Clarke

Friday, 9 March 2012


Welcome to the new environmental law blog for the students of the Lagos State University (LASU) who are either interested in or are taking the environmental law course. It is intended that this blog be run by students and shall operate as an interactive information and discussion platform for the dissemination of ideas and for sharing news on environmental protection, environmental law, pollution and sustainable environmental development. With time, this blog will also be used to cover the environmental law course outline.

Thank you.


Ayodele Morocco-Clarke (Environmental Law Lecturer, LASU)