Sunday, 11 March 2012


The following is the Course Outline to be covered in the Harmattan Semester 2011/2012.

  • The Concept of Environment

  • Nature of Environment Problem

  • Brief History on the Development of Environmental Law in Nigeria

  • [History of] Environmental Pollution –
(a)   Domestic & Industrial Waste
(b)   Oil Industry 
(c)   General Pollution
(d)   The Koko Incident
(e)   E-Waste
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Statutory Environmental Liability –
(a)    The Constitution
(b)   The FEPA Act
(c)    The NESREA Act
(d)   The NOSDRA Act
(e)    EIA Act (Involves discussing Gbarain)
(f)    The Petroleum Act
(g)   EGASPIN & other Regulations

  • Common Law Environmental Liability –
(a)    Nuisance
(b)   Negligence
(c)    Trespass
(d) Strict Liability

  • The Concept of Environmental Justice

  • Issues of Enforcement, Compliance & Effectiveness of the Law

  • Case Law

  • International Environmental Law –
(a) Definition, Sources, Origins, Enforceability
(b) Rights and Duties: Custom
(c) Rights and Duties: Treaties/Conventions (Stockholm Conference on Human Environment/UNCLOS/Kyoto/the Aarhus Convention etc.)
(d) Current International Trends in Environmental Law

  • Principles of Environmental Law –
(a)    The Polluter Pays Principle
(b)   The Precautionary Principle

  • Sustainable Development
See you all in class on Tuesday 13/03/2012.

Ayodele Morocco-Clarke

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